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The packages caPython and CaChannel implement the EPICS channel access (CA) protocol in Python. caPython wraps most of the CA functions into python functions. Macros and other useful functionality are also included. CaChannel wraps caPython functions into a Python class for easier use. Typical users should use CaChannel and power users can dip into caPython as needed.

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caPython Guide

CaChannel Guide

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Python Modules

Here are the caPython modules for the platforms supported at Fermilab. Use the "Save Link As ..." option of your browser to download the file.

Source Code

If you aren't using one of the supported platforms or want to see what happens under the hood here is the source code. Also included in the source code is the C source file created by SWIG from the SWIG input files.

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Author: Geoff Savage
Last update: 27 January 2000