General Block Diagram of the CFTT System  Up to date version of the CFT, CPS, STT and FPS Architecture.
Protocols and Data Codes
 These are the up to date version of the PROTOCOLS used to transfer data between the Front End Boards and the Collector/Broadcaster System and between the Broadcaster and the rest of the Trigger System (L1 Trigger Manager(s), the L2 Pre-Processors via the FIC, and the L3 VRBs). Nevertheless, this is also a "living document" and as such it never can be said that it is the "final" version. It will evolved as we have a better knowledge of the System capabilities and the Physics requirements.
NOTES 1)   These FINAL documents reflects concensus reached at the Seattle Workshop. After this we expect to have only changes in the firmware (what data where) but no changes on hardware or Header/ Trailer Protocols. Please read carefully because these are binding specifications: YOU MUST FOLLOW these specifications in ALL designs!
2)   Prior to the Seattle Workshop and since, I received several questions/suggestions from people interested in the performance of the CTT.  I found that several people ask the same questions, this make me think that the best way to keep everybody aware of what it is going on will be to have a formal page dedicated to Questions & Answers.  You will find this page as part of my Web-pages.  
   You can send me any Questions and/or Sugerencies at manuel@fnal.gov
3) Unless otherways noted, all files are PDF files.

Version "V6.1" after Seattle

General The General rules to follow in the usage of LVDS and G Links. General Protocols to follow when using these Links.
Remember:If you want your System to be integrated into the DØ Trigger and/or you want it to be fully supported by the DØ EE Team you must follow these Specifications !!!
CFT/CPS Axial Specifications for Data Transfers from the DFE to L1CFT/CPS Axial and to L2CFTpp, L2PSpp and L3.
CPS (Axial & Stereo) More detailed specifications for the CPS System. It deals with both Axial and Stereo portions of the CPS Trigger.
FPS Specifications for Data Transfers from the DFE of the Forward PreShower to L1FPS and to L2PSpp and L3.
STT Specifications for Data Transfers from the DFE CFT to the L2STTpp and to L3.

Version "V6.0" before Seattle

Protocols and Data Codes

Early Versions of the Protocols and Data Codes

Presentation on October 1998  
First Formal Proposal for Common Protocols  
Presentation at the December 1998 Meeting
Version V2.0
Version 5.0 Presented at the DØ Paris (France) Workshop
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