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Recent talks:

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"Black holes at Future Colliders and Beyond"


Talk at the XXXVIth Rencontres De Moriond "QCD and High Energy Hadronic Interactions"

"Extra Dimensions and More"  PDF   PS

HEP Seminars at CMU, BU, CERN, CMMP, 1-3/01

"Out-of-this-World Physics: Probing Quantum Gravity in the Lab"  PDF   PS

HEP Seminars at BNL, MSU, SLAC, LBL, UMass @ Amherst, 9-11/00

"Out-of-this-World Physics: Probing Quantum Gravity in the Lab"  PDF   PS

Talk at the ICHEP 2000 Meeting, Osaka, 7/00

"Mini-Review on  Extra Dimensions"  PDF   PS

Talk at the IV Recontres du Vietnam Meeting, Hanoi, 7/00

"Extra Dimensions at the Tevatron and Beyond"  PDF   PS

Invited talk at the APS 2000 Meeting, Long Beach, 5/00

"Probing Large Extra Dimensions in Collider Experiments"  PDF   PS

APS Press Conference: PDF   PS

Plain English Summary

Press Coverage:

  • Ferminews 4/28/00
  • AIP Physics News 5/5/00
  • University Science 5/10/00
  • The Chronicle of Higher Education, 5/26/00
  • The George Street Journal, 6/9/00
  • Article in Neue Zrcher Zeitung, 6/14/00

  • Wine&Cheese Seminar, Fermilab, 4/00

    "Search for Large Extra Dimensions at D"  PDF   PS

    Plain English Summary

    NLC Workshop, Berkeley, 3/00

    "Collider Signatures for Extra Dimensions"  PDF   PS

    D Collaboration Meeting, Fermilab, 1/00

    "Run I Data Access (Comments from Freindly Users)"  PDF   PPT

    London Trigger Workshop, ICL, 1/00

    "Triggers for New Physics"  PS     PDF

    EPS '99 Conference, Tampere, 7/99

     "Search for Exotics at the Tevatron"   PDF

    SUSY '99 Conference, Fermilab, 6/99

    "Hunt for New Physics in Run II at D"   PS    PDF

    Run II Strong Dynamics Workshop, 4/99

    "Search for WpT and Other Stuff"   PS    PDF

    Run II SUSY/Higgs Workshop, 11/98

    "Beyond the MSSM Working Group Experimental Summary"   PS    PDF

    UK/France HEP Seminars (Manchester, Liverpool, RAL, UCL, LPNHE, Cambridge) 7/98

    "Search for Exotics at D"   PS    PDF

    SUSY '98 Conference, Oxford, 7/98

    "Search for R-Parity Violating SUSY at the Fermilab Tevatron"   PS    PDF

    Wine & Cheese Seminar, Fermilab, 04/98 

    "Search for Heavy Dirac Monopoles at D" 

    SLAC/Berkeley  HEP Seminars, 04/98 

    "Search for Leptoquarks and Dirac Monopoles at D"   PS    PDF 

    University of Michigan  HEP Seminar, 1/19/98 

    "Search for Leptoquarks at D" PS    PDF

    Wine & Cheese Seminar, Fermilab 06/97 

    "Search for Leptoquarks at D" 

    Academic Lecture Series, Fermilab, 04/97 (to be posted) 
    "Precision Tests of the SM" 

    UC Berkeley Colloquium, Berkeley, 02/97 

    "Precision Electroweak Measurements at the Fermilab Tevatron"  

    Wine & Cheese Seminar, Fermilab, 09/96 

    "Recent Diboson Results From D" 

    DPF '96 Conference, Minneapolis, 08/96 

    "Measurement of Zg Couplings at D" 

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