Information for the  February 2005 Directors Review of  the DØ Experiment for Run 2b


Run 2b Director’s Review: February 3, 4 2005

Review Final Report

            The final report can be found here.

Review Charge

            The review charge can be found here.



            Thursday February 3    Hornets Nest (WH8X)

                        10:30-11:00     Executive Session                                                                                             E. Temple

                        11:00-11:45     DZero Run IIb Project Status and Overview                                                     V. O’Dell

                        11:45-12:15     Run IIb Trigger Status                                                                                       B. P. Padley

                        12:15-12:45     Run IIb Trigger Endgame and ETC                                                                   D. Wood

                        12:45-  1:05     Run IIb Trigger Simulation Status and Plans                                                       E. Barberis


                        1:05-2:00         LUNCH


                        2:00-2:20         Online Status and ETC                                                                                     S. Fuess

                        2:20-2:50         Silicon Layer 0 Status and ETC                                                                        A. Nomerotski

                        2:50-3:20         Silicon L0:clearance, support structure and installation plans                               W. Cooper

                        3:20-3:50         AFE II Status and Plans                                                                                    P. Rubinov

                        3:50-4:05         BREAK

4:05-4:35         Run IIb Installation Plans                                                                                   R. Smith

                        4:35-5:05         Report from the Standing Committee on Installation-to-Commissioning              G. Blazey

5:15 -               Executive Session                                                                                             E. Temple                       


            Friday, February 4, 2005

                        8:00-10:00       Breakout Sessions

·        Cost/Management/Schedule

·        Installation

                        10:00-12:00     Write Report

                        12:00-1:00       Working Lunch/Start Closeout Dry Run

                        2:00                 Closeout with DZero                                       


Additional documents

            Past Project Documentation of Special Interest

                                    December, 2004 Monthly Report

Web page from the July, 2004 DZero Run IIb Director’s Review

                                    Web page from the November 5, 2003 DZero Run IIb Rebaselining Review

                                    DZero Run IIb Upgrade Technical Design Report (September 12, 2002)

Silicon Layer 0 Conceptual Design Report (October 28, 2003)

Rebaselined Project Execution Plan (PEP)

Project Management Plan (PMP)



            Silicon Layer 0 schedule (as of December 31, 2005)



            Trigger MPP schedule (as of December 31, 2005)



            Online MPP schedule   (as of December 31, 2005)



            Installation MPP schedule(as of January 31, 2005)







Last updated:  February 2, 2005.