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CFT + CTT Operations

CFT online system home page
CTT home page

Mechanics & Construction

Brief description of the Fiber Tracker (with drawings)
Pictures of the installed tracker, of tracker electronics, and of the cryostat.
D0 Fiber Tracker Waveguide Installation page.
Bryan Smith's SciFi page, including scintillating ribbons QC data, and humidity effects analysis.
Andrei Mayorov's SciFi page , with Cosmic Ray Analysis, and his eBrowser/Examine talks (monitoring tools).
D0 Fiber Tracker Mechanical Construction pages.
D0 Fiber Tracker Mechanical Construction pictures page.
Waveguide homepage at Indiana University.
The DZERO Fiber Tracker Technical Design Report [PS] [WORD], from the end of 1997.
Numerical description of the BaseLine Detector, which has a separated XU-XV geometry with mostly equal spacing between layers.
Connections Bookkeeping homepage with some details on flex cable traces, curved connectors and MCM input pins (incomplete).


ribbonmap db Axial Fiber Ribbon to AFE map (as a Java table).
fibermap db Fiber number to SVX channel map (as a Java table).
cryoslot db AFE installation map (Java).
AFE Phase V db AFE Phase V test results (Java).
greycode table (Java)
The Mixer system homepage
channel archiver: NEW and IMPROVED instructions for retrieving and plotting EPICS data (for the general public).
AFE bias/cryo analysis and database updating (for SG).
EPICS DB updating (for SG).
1553 map: [html version] [excel spreadsheet]
AFE (analog front-end): AFE rev 1c drawings as PDF
John Anderson's document index
SVX readout electronics (Mike Utes' document collection)
CTT old, duplicate (cf. CTT homepage) or obsolete documents

AFE2 + DFEA2 Run2b Upgrades

AFE2 upgrade wiki-like website
Boston CTT Run 2b upgrade page
CTT Run 2b FNAL contribution

Background Info

The DZERO VLPC system in 11 slides.
A very brief tour of the D0 Fiber Tracker VLPC effort.
The D0 Level 1 SciFi Trigger Como, Italy, 1998.
The D0 fiber tracker VLPC effort Poster @ URA visit to Fermilab, Fermilab DOE Review and 11th p-bar-p Workshop, Albano Terme (Padova), Italy, all 1996.
VLPC's : First Study of a Large Sample of Visible Light Photon Counters VLPC characterization for the D0 Upgrade Cosmic Ray Test, Como, Italy, 994. (in case you prefer: [same thing, but in postscript] )
Stefan's homepage with a few more SciFi and VLPC related links.
obsolete CFT Electronics Documents Index.
The DZERO SciFi Tracking Trigger Technical Design Report (v5) (a document in preparation)
Section 1 [PS] [PDF] [WORD]
Section 2 [PS] [PDF] [WORD]
Section 3 [PS] [PDF] [WORD]
Section 4 [PS] [PDF] [WORD]
Appendix A (MCM map) [PS] [PDF] [EXCEL]
Appendix B (VRB map) [PS] [PDF] [EXCEL]

VLPC Temperature Control Hardware [PS] description from August 1998 (also contained in the VLPC Cassette technical design report).
Stereoboard VLPC Temperature Control [HTML] [PS] [WORD] , with details on Lab 3 cabling.


Fiber tracker (FTG) Meeting minutes
really old Fiber tracker (FTG) Meeting minutes
CTT meetings.
pre-November 2002 Tracking Trigger (CTT) Meeting minutes



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