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Run II Offline Calibration and Alignment

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Leaders: Gaston Gutierrez, Taka Yasuda

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The Run II Offline Calibration and Alignment subgroup is responsible for the offline alignment and calibration each individual detector. These detectors include the silicon tracker (barrels and disks), the fiber tracker, the calorimeters (central and endcap), the central preshower detector, the forward preshower detector, the muon detector (wide angle, forward, APhi counters), the Level 0 counters and the solenoid. The group is responsible for defining the necessary alignment / calibration constants, for developing the algorithms and writing the code to determining those constants, and for specifying the triggers, filters and data sets to be used. It is also responsible for developing the interface to the database(s) used to store the constants. Finally, the group has responsibility for global, interdetector alignment and calibration. These responsibilities include constants used both offline (in RECO) and in the Level 3 trigger.

This group meets Fridays,12:30 - 1:30, 9th Cicle (video available). An email distribution list is used for news, announcements, etc. - if you would like to be included, send a note to Gaston Gutierrez.

Some groups have separate pages with more detail. See the algorithms page and also the offline calorimeter calibration pages


Developer's Corner

Offline data base ID's by subdetector. These are used in EnvID database field
Subdetect Geometry DBid Production
DZero 1 11 21 31
Smt 2 12 22 32
CFT 3 13 23 33
CPS 4 14 24 34
FPS 5 15 25 35
CAL 6 16 26 36
Muon 7 N/A N/A N/A
MDT N/A 17 27 37
MSC N/A 18 28 38
PDT N/A 19 29 39
FPD 8 20 30 40
*Use this in xDetCalibrater template argument

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