D0 PC Support

User System Support

System Support: We provide complete NT Operating System support, including reinstallation in cases of a system crash. The one possible exception is in the case of a PC which is not purchased with NT pre-installed. There is no way that we can ensure that such a machine is NT compatable. Also if you system did not have NT pre-installed, it most likely did not come with NT drivers for the various hardware. In these cases we generally have not "found" the drivers for the users, as this would take too much time and resources. If you have all of your drivers on hand we will gladly do the install for you. Here are some points we follow for all NT installations.

  • NT is installed on a 4GB system partition.
  • All partitions are set to NTFS. This is very important during the inital installation of NT.
  • The system must have AntiVirus software installed.
  • Users can be given local admin control, with the understanding that we will do a complete reinstall in the case of disaster/system crash. This will not be automatic, but after consideration of the time involved in "fixing" the problem versus reinstallation.

We can provide general application help for many applications. However please understand that we are not experts for every application which you may have installed on your PC. So in some cases our support is very limited.

We provide the following NT services:

For general help with your Windows Desktop, send mail to helpdesk@fnal.gov.

Unsupported: Here is a list of what is not supported:

  • Dual boot systems of any type
  • Linux or other flavors of unix on the PC. You should look for help via the ClueD0 or Computing Division Linux support groups.
  • Windows 3.x or Windows 9.x
  • VMware as installed from an NT host. If you are using VMware to run NT from a linux host, that is OK

Please send any comments or concerns to the D0 NT Administrators

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