D0 PC Support

New Node Setup

New Nodes: All NT workstations at D0 are to be members of the FERMI W2K domain. The exception is laptops, which should be configured to have their network identification point to a workgroup (it does not matter which one) The laptops then authenticate by using the "Connect As" window when mapping a network drive or while accessing our printserver D0SERVER3. In the "Connect As" window you should use DOMAIN\username. For example FERMI\smith. Then type your appropriate password.

To get your node working on the newwork, you need to register with the computing division DATACOM group. Laptops use dynamic DHCP IP addresses, while desktop workstations are assigned static IP addresses. In either case, you need to provide your Operation System type, computer serial number and ethernet hardware address. Please enter the information in the D0 IP Address Request Form. Tips for finding your ethernet hardware (MAC) address can be found at http://www-dcg.fnal.gov/DCG-Docs/mac/ .

After you apply for your IP address you will receive and email to confirm your request. If you are using DHCP, you should be all set as long as you put your machine in the DZERO workgroup as described above. If you are using a STATIC IP address, you need to contact one of the D0 NT Administrators at csi-exp@fnal.gov. We will then add your workstation into the FERMI W2K domain after we ensure that your network is setup properly. Also, you will most likely have to contactu us to make sure you have a live network jack to connect your workstaiton to.

Please send any comments or concerns to the D0 NT Administrators

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