D0 PC Support

All computers using the Fermilab network must be registered. Please use the D0 IP Address Request Form to register your computer now. More general information about new node network connections can be found on the D0 NEW NODE Page

In order to access any resources in the FERMI domain, you must make sure your machine is setup for NTLMv2. For Windows 2000 or XP Pro make sure the following registry key is set:

REG_DWORD 0x00000005 (5) - for domain members
REG_DWORD 0x00000003 (3) - for non domain members such as laptops

Please go to http://fncdug1.fnal.gov:7777/pls/miscomp/sysadmin.html to register as the system administrator of your node. You can also use it to ADD/DELETE or otherwise change your Fermilab SYSADMIN machine Maintenance.

WRQ Installation instruction can be found here.

Instructions for securing your WRQ X server can be found here

Need a VPN account? The Fermilab VPN home page is http://fndcg0.fnal.gov/VPN/VPN-Index.html.

Need to change your FERMI password from a machine not in the FERMI domain? Complete information is located at http://www-win2k.fnal.gov/pub/Docs/user-guides/fermi-domain-password-reset.html

Welcome to the home page for D0 PC support. It is our hope that you will find all the information you need to get started using your W2K/XP workstation at D0. If you have questions please email csi-exp@fnal.gov.

Please refer to The D0 NT Security review document to see what is allowed at D0. You should also review the Fermilab Policy on Computing and "blatant disregard" documents, as these are strictly enforced.

Please send any comments or concerns to the D0 NT Administrators

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