D0 PC Support

W2K FTP Service

The FTP server for the D0 OU domain is D0SERVER1. When you FTP to D0SERVER1 you must authenticate using the following anonymous credentials.

Username: anonymous
Password: <your email address>

To PUT files you need to use the following instructions.

  1. When you use the FTP PUT command, files will go into the home FTP directory. This directory is really \\d0server4\ftp-in.
  2. At the earliest opportunity please move the file(s) to your user or project area. You need to use a Windows NT machine for this.

To GET files from your user, project or apps area:

  1. From the Windows side: Using a Windows based application like explorer, move the file you want to GET into \\d0server4\ftp-out\
  2. When you login you are in the FTP-IN directory.
  3. Type 'cd ftp-out' to move into the FTP-OUT directory
  4. GET or MGET your file(s)
  5. Type 'cd \' to go back to the FTP-IN directory

From the windows side, FTP-OUT has full control for authenticated users so you can delete any file in this directory using windows explorer. From the FTP side, you will be able to just read the contents of this directory.

Please send any comments or concerns to the D0 NT Administrators

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