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The CTT project provides Front End and Trigger electronics for three scintillating fiber based detectors which also share the Visible Light Photon Counter, VLPC, system for converting the light seen to electrical signals. There are about 118,000 front end electronics channels. The three systems are:

Central Fiber Tracker, CFT, with 38,400 Axial and 38,400 Stereo fibers in 8 layers.

Central PreShower, CPS, with 7680 (15,360) strips in three layers.

Forward PreShower, FPS, with 15,808 strips, 9216 (19,224) in shower layers and 6592 in MIP layers.

The numbers in brackets give the electronics channel counts. The 7680 channels for the CPS are each sent into two electronics channels. One for low gain and one for high. The 9216 shower channels in the FPS are also each sent into two electronics channels.

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